Monday, January 12, 2015

A New Year

Happy New Year! 

We are off to a GREAT start in our new year! Your learners are working just as hard as ever, and it's so fun to see them growing and changing each and every day.  I personally love this time of year, because second graders are SO MUCH FUN as they transform into independent, critical thinkers.  As you can see, it's been a while since I have blogged! In thinking of some things I can improve on in this new year, blogging definitely makes the list.  As much fun as it is to look at the "picture dump", I would love to track our learning on a more regular basis.  Any progress counts, right? :) Thanks for sticking with me! 

Life at Lee continues to be amazing.  As a new school, we knew we would have many visitors throughout the year, and each and every time someone steps into the Green House your learners WOW them! They can't believe what they are doing and in the manner in which they are accomplishing their tasks.  

We (Second Grade) were featured on a Channel 11 New Story! Take a look here! 

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy:

Our flexible learning spaces allow us to learn in a variety of ways, including writing on ALMOST any surface. Here we are doing some word work. 

Sisters working together! 

We LOVE having special visitors at Lunch Time! 

The "So You Think You Can Dance" Brought in SO many cans, and the second graders and kindergarteners in the Green House were charged with the task of counting the cans.  It was a BIG job, but our learners rose to the challenge for sure! 

Our trip to the zoo was a DEFINITE highlight of our first semester! It was a little chilly, but we had a blast. 

 Some great navigators! 
 Don't we look alike? 
 Sweet friends.

 We learned a few things about the food chain in our special class! 

We learned about the different ways solids and liquids can look.  Did you know it could be like THIS?!

One day, we learned about Pointillism, and even made our own paintings. 

Our sweet friend, Arya shared snowflakes with us as a random act of kindness! 

A few of the ways we looked at different fact families. 

We have been working with Mrs. Phillips first graders in the afternoons during our literacy time.  This time is SO beneficial to both her learners and mine.  They hear the same stories, and can share their knowledge, expand on what they know, and learn SO much.  Being the older kids of the group has definitely allowed your learners to become more confident in themselves, and they even get to do a little coaching for their first grade buddies, all while being challenged themselves (they say those who can teach something are at the highest level of understanding!) We love working in the open space, and the engagement is SO high.  

It was a FUN surprise to match this sweet girl! 

Kristopher shared with us about how sound travels. 

Reva was being interviewed by the news! 

We were practicing for our readers theaters.  They were AMAZING! 

Our Holiday Party was A BLAST! Thanks to the amazing room moms and fabulous volunteers, your learners had so much fun.  

 We even got to help others--by making bird feeding treats! 
 Jamie was A PRO at this game! 
 Look at the PURE JOY! 

 I felt SO very loved and special on this day!
 We had two amazing performers from our class in the Lee production of The Wizard Of Oz.  Arya and Reva did outstanding! 

When we came back last week, Mrs. KK came and did a lesson about choosing one word to focus on for our New Year, instead of making resolutions.  The learners each have their own word---ask them about it! 
(My word for 2015)

It's amazing to see how we can use our peers as one of the greatest resources! 

 Look at the concentration! 

A very fun part of being situated in a vertical house is seeing siblings working together.  This sibling quad thought it was SO fun that they were working in the same place at the same time! 

 I love to see the unique places learners find to work!

I hope you learned something new! Thanks for sticking with us on this journey this year.  It has been so fun, and I know it will only continue to get better! 

A fun fact about Miss Radka:
Did you know I have 4 siblings, 2 brother-in-laws, a niece, a nephew, and another nephew who will make his debut in the beginning of February? I love my family VERY much.  Take a look at a recent picture. 
From left to right: Kolbe, Kristen, Jacob, Karoline, Skylar, Austin, my mom (Mary Myles), Miss Radka, Katie, and Derek. Yes, all my sisters and I have names that start with "K".

I hope you have a spectacular week! 

Miss Radka