Sunday, November 2, 2014

October Update

Good afternoon families!

We have had a busy, but wonderful month.  In each subject area, your learner has been working hard to rise above the expectations and challenge themselves to dig deeper and learn more.  Through these pictures, take a look at what has been happening at Lee.

In Math, we spend time either working in a group with Miss Radka, or working on stations.  These learners were working on creating expanded forms of numbers with Miss Radka.

 These learners were playing a game with cards that helped them to understand place value.
 Many days of the week, we have problem solving problems that the learners work on in their math journals.
 These girls were playing a "forms" game during math stations.

 We love utilizing our outdoor courtyard to learn!
 Our kindergarten friends came in and shared with us about their learning.  Our second grade learners are SO great and listening and giving helpful tips to their kinder friends!

While working on a project, these boys found these markers and thought they were hilarious!
 We worked on a Friday menu, and our learners were engaged in many different activities.  They found sequences of things throughout the school, researched, worked on math stations, problem solved, created retelling stories, worked on their Learner Led Conference folders, and much more.  It was a very fun day!

One of the greatest advantages of being a Lee Spur is how many wonderful flexible learning spaces we have.  One day, we chose to do our math stations in the Flex space in the library.  Our learners were engaged, focused, and loved "showing off" to anyone who walked by.

As our place value unit came to a close, we created animals using base ten blocks.  The learners had to decide how many of each kind of base ten block to use, count them, and answer questions about their expanded form and such.  They enjoyed this project immensely and really gained a deeper understanding of base ten.

On the Friday of Fall break, the designers at Lee attended Sally Ride training.  It was a FUN, and informative day! As you can see by the pictures, designers can be pretty silly!

This 9 weeks in science, we have been observing and learning about living things.  We worked with Mrs. Schliewe's second grade class and made some great observations of our plants.

We also watched caterpillars turn into butterflies.  It was SUCH an awesome experience.  Here they are hanging in their J shape.  

Another thing we have been working on in math is graphing.  Here are some learners collecting data to create their own graphs.

As you know, we were hit with the "sick bug" in the green house! During the two days of illness, our class worked with Mrs. Sweatt's and Mrs. Phillips classes.  Here are some of our learners working with first graders.

Our friend, Maanav, went on a cruise and was THRILLED to come back and share his experiences with us.  We learn so much from our peers!

Great friends stick together!

Once our butterflies emerged from their chrysalises, we released them back into nature.  We chose to release them near the eco pond in hopes that they might make their homes near Lee.  It was a special day!


We took some time to reflect on our experience releasing the butterflies and spending time watching them grow. 


As we rounded out our time learning about animals, our learners created presentations about self-selected animals and their basic needs.

Look at this great concentration!

Working together! 

WHEW! We have been busy second graders! Check back SOON for another update! 


  1. Thanks for the updates and pictures!! The kids really do look engaged... it's no wonder why :)

  2. I agree with Urmi, it’s always wonderful when you can actually see what’s going on in the classroom as well as outside of the classroom. Great pictures of the all learners doing what they do best...learning.