Tuesday, February 1, 2011

100's Day and MLK

We celebrated 100's Day last week, and I was so excited to be a part of this day! We had fun activities planned throughout the day.

There were 5 different centers that the students were able to go to.

In the first center, the students were given 100 shapes and had to work as a group to make a picture together.


                                           Flower (with thorns)
                                           Indian tribal place (too cute!)

The second center had the students make a necklace after placing fruit loops on a 100's chart. They LOVED eating their necklaces later!

In the third center, the students created a picture of what they thought they would look like when they are 100 years old.  I got this idea from another blog, and thought it was too cute to pass up! We cut out circles from a brown paper bag, and the kids wrinkled the faces to make their "wrinkly" faces.

                                                     Loving this one's style!
              Although these may look like wings, he really has his hands on his hips and a scowl on his face.
The girl who made this has long blonde hair, and when Mrs. M asked her if she was going to cut her hair when she is older like this, she said, "No! It just shrinks up!" :)

In the fourth center, the students played Race to 100.

In the fifth center, the students had a Dice Roll game, where they rolled the dice 100 times.

They loved their centers!  We made a book for the kids to fill out, and it was so fun to see what they thought about different 100 items.

                                              I could eat 100 broccoli because it is green.
                                       When I am 100, I hope I can still see Statue of Liberty because I like it. 
         It would be difficult if there were 100 boys because I do not like them. (Her mom needs to keep this for when she is older! :) )
                                       It would be difficult if there were 100 sisters because they are annoying.
                                     It would be difficult if there were 100 frogs to catch because they are fast.
                      It would be difficult if there were 100 bugs because it would be hard to find my mom.
                And my personal favorite.... If I had $100.00 I would buy a car because I think I am ready.

Our 100's day was SO fun! We finished it off by watching 101 Dalmatian's and had a spectacular and exciting calendar time!

Earlier this week, Mrs. M wanted to do something with art and Martin Luther King Jr., so we decided to do a symmetry activity.  This was so easy and fun! We used a Scholastic Reader that had a picture of Martin Luther King Jr. on the front and cut each picture in half.  We talked about different things that were symmetrical, and then talked about our faces.  Their pictures were each unique and precious.

This one is hard to see, but it was colored with the peach crayon.  How precious that she couldn't even see the colors! 

We are starting a Flat Stanley unit...so more to come on that later!

For now, we are enjoying a couple of SNOWED IN DAYS! Fun time with the roommates!

Happy Snow Days!


  1. how cute!!! I LOVE the 100 day pictures with pattern blocks. I MAY JUST STEAL THAT!!

  2. yay Kylie! Love the ideas and such a cute blog! keep 'em coming!